About The Blog

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The purpose of this blog is to encourage readers in their walk with Christ.  As with us all, my journey has many peaks and valleys.  By confessing my sins and failures, I am released from the prison of shame for which the enemy attempts to keep me confined. In addition, my hope is by sharing my valleys with transparency you will be encouraged in knowing that you are not alone in your suffering.  Most of all, my prayer is you will find Christ interwoven throughout my journey where He has led me back to the mountain top time after time.  I have never fallen so far down for which He is unable or unwilling to bring me back up.  His hope, mercy and grace are new every day.   Regardless of where you are in your journey, Jesus is there.   I hope my journey encourages you to trust God and surrender completely to Him.


About the Author

I am a 40-something work-in-progess Christian.  Since leaving the criminal justice field in 2015,  I work with my husband in the his construction business.  I spent many years as a victim advocate for those impacted by crime for which my family has also been subjected.  Through Christ, I’m a cancer survivor.  I enjoy encouraging and ministering to others by sharing the love of Christ.

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